Possible "Skinniest Building Ever" Will Be Taller Than Empire State Building

Not for anyone who's light in the wallet.

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A new residential tower is being built at 107 West 57th Street, and at 1,350 feet, it will be taller than the Empire State Building. This is because the roofline of the glass tower will be 100 feet above the Empire State Building, but the Empire State Building will still win the height battle because its spire makes it 1,454 feet. 

What makes this new building unique is how narrow it will be. In fact, it could very well be "the skinniest building ever," as SHoP Architects principal Gregg Pasquarelli told the New York Daily News

The building, which is expected to be finished by 2016, will consist of about 100 apartments. It's also only 60 feet wide; remember that when you're apartment hunting.

[via Gothamist and New York Daily News]

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