The SAT Is Bringing the Old 1600-Point System Back, Making the Essay Optional

Everything comes full circle, even standardized tests.

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The SAT has undergone yet another dramatic revision, returning to the days when the best possible score was1600, while making the essay optional and no longer penalizing test takers for wrong answers on the multiple choice section.

According to the Washington Post, the College Board made the announcement today, adding that the new practices will take effect in 2016. CBS New York adds that the board will get rid of words that have inspired many long, frustrating flashcard sessions in favor of ones used more frequently in school and in offices. 

David Coleman, president of the College Board, said the test should present students with "worthy challenges, not artificial obstacles," during a press conference in Austin, Texas. Furthermore, students will be given the option to take the test on computers for the first time. 

The 1600-point scoring system was last used in 2004. It was replaced with a 2400-point scale in 2005 that added the essay portion and extracted the analogy segment. This shift towards an emphasis on competencies that will be practical in the real world should be a relief for future SAT takers who no longer have to worry about memorizing words they'll never, ever use in life.

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