NYPD Detective Busted For Planting Crack on Couple

Just sprinkle some crack on them, you won't get caught....

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Remember when Dave Chappelle joked about police sprinkling crack on people? We all laughed because we knew it was true, but one member of the NYPD actually got busted for it. A week really can’t go by without these guys taking an L, can it?

Detective Jason Arbeeny, a 14-year vet of the force, was convicted of planting crack on a woman and her boyfriend in Coney Island back in 2007. Justice Gustin L. Reichbach was shocked as he announced the verdict, convinced he had seen everything besides police corruption of that level. We’re sure worse will happen before the year is over, so we’d advise Justice Reichbach to get familiar.

Arbeeny will be sentenced in January and faces up to four years in jail. This ain’t crime noir folks, it’s real life.

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