New Louisiana Law Requires Sex Offenders to Post Criminal Status on Facebook

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Social media can incriminate you, and if you live in Louisiana, it might let everyone know about your criminal past. A new law that will force convicted sex offenders who create Facebook and other social media accounts to post their criminal status is set to go into effect on August 1.

This is the work of State Representative Jeff Thompson, and it expands on present state law that forces anyone convicted of aggravated incest, rape, and child pornography to share this information with authorities and institutions in the areas they live.

If you fail to disclose your status, you’ll face a felony, jail with “hard labor” for two to 10 without parole and a $1,000 fine. Also, a second conviction could result in 20 years in jail, so there’s no hiding from this.

[via The Huffington Post]

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