Mayonnaise Is America's Most Popular Condiment?

According to research, yes.

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Somehow, mayonnaise has emerged as the most purchased condiment in America. According to a report by Euromonitor, mayonnaise topped ketchup as the leading condiment in the U.S., as Americans eat $2 billion worth of mayonnaise annually compared to $800 million worth of ketchup.

The underrated soy sauce, barbecue sauce and hot sauce came in third, fourth and fifth with market values of $725 million, $660 million and $550 million, respectively. When asked why salsa wasn't considered, Euromontor explained that it's considered more of a "dip" than a sauce. 

Quartz credits the rising popularity of mayonnaise to its evolved versatility as an ingredient. To each their own. 

[via Quartz

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