Massachusetts Man Rigs Ex-Wife's Dryer with Explosives

The bitter ex-husband.

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As a part of his divorce settlement, Massachusetts firefighter Dean Weeks was ordered to fix his ex-wife's dryer. He and his ex weren't exactly on the best ofterms, so he did what any man would do in his situation—he hooked her dryer up with explosives, so the situation would literally blow up in her face the next time she used it. The bomb exploded, but not in the fashion that Weeks hoped.

Doreen Weeks reports hearing a "tick, tick, and boom" that burned her leg and sent her dog flying out of the second floor window of her apartment. Weeks claimed that her ex-husband even threatened her as she was on her way to the hospital. According to police, Dean Weeks showed up at her apartment and attempted to scare her into remaining quiet.

Dean Weeks was charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon, and he plead not guilty to both. The true victim is that poor little dog.

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[via Gawker]

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