Man in Critical Condition After Being Electrocuted While Train Surfing

Another reminder that train surfing is a terrible idea.

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A man suffered serious injuries after being electrocuted while surfing on a train traveling from Connecticut to New York City over the weekend. 

According to NBC Connecticut, 21-year-old Brian McClellan was riding atop a train headed for Grand Central Station in Manhattan early Sunday morning when he was electrocuted by a beam which sends electricity from power lines to trains.

This caused power to shut off around 5 a.m., and when Metro-North employees attempted to investigate, they found McClellan engulfed in flames on top of the train. Fire extinguishers were used to put them out, and the Ohio native was rushed to Westchester Medical Center's burn unit. 

McClellan is said to be in critical condition, and NBC Connecticut reports that an investigation by Metro-North police is still underway. 

[via NBC Connecticut]

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