German Woman Allegedly Attempted to Kill Boyfriend With Her Breasts

Dreams and nightmares.

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They say sex is a weapon, so Franziska Hansen must have weapons of mass destruction. The 33-year-old Hansen has been accused of trying to kill her boyfriend by suffocating him with her breasts. Tim Schmidt says that Hansen was pretending that it was some sort of sex game, then tried to smother him while saying she "wanted to make [his] death as pleasurable as possible." Hansen denies this, saying it was a game and that Schmidt was completely aware of what was going on at the time.

Schmidt told a court that back in May, the couple was having sex when Hansen suddenly took his head and mashed it into her breasts using all of her strength. Schmidt said he was unable to breathe, and was convinced that Hansen's ample bosom would be the death of him that day. Schmidt fled naked to a neighbor's house where he contacted authorities.

He said their four-year relationship became rocky after they moved to the town of Unna, where his career blossomed and she struggled to find work. Hansen has been charged with attempted murder with a weapon.

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