Florida Woman Arrested for Riding Manatee, For Real This Time

Stranger things have happened.

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A woman in St. Petersburg, FL was arrested on Saturday after photos were published of her riding a manatee in Tampa BayAna Gloria Garcia Gutierrez was charged with violating the Florida Marine Sanctuary Act, which aims to "protect and preserve living and other resources of the Florida Keys marine environment." Gutierrez admitted to touching and riding a Manatee back in September, but didn't know that it was illegal to do so at the time because she had "recently moved to the area."

Local authorities declined to arrest her because she had not committed a crime in the presence of deputies. The sheriff's department passed her case along to the State Attorney's office, and they issued a warrant for her arrest. She could receive a fine of up to $500 or a maximum jail sentence of 60 days. The manatee that Gutierrez rode is reportedly in great condition.

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