This Florida Man Just Wants His Donkey Back

Too much to ask for?

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Carlos Romero doesn't want anything but the safe return of his donkey. That, and his freedom. The 31-year-old was arrested in Marion County, FL over the weekend after he was discovered fingering the animal and grinding on it while masturbating. During a jailhouse interview, Romero requested the animal be returned to him, and dismissed what the state of Florida considers bestiality. To Romero, it's just natural affection.

Here's an excerpt from the interview. Keep in mind that Romero admitted that he's been having sex with horses since he was 18: 


He says he hasn't violated his donkey yet because it's still "blooming into maturity." What a gentleman. Anyway, he paid $500 for the donkey, so he's demanding its return. Marion County officials want custody and plan to put it up for adoption. Clearly they don't understand what Romero and the animal have.

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[via Miami New Times]

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