Fed Up, Alabama Man Dives Out of Moving Car During Argument with Ex-Girlfriend

Sometimes, it's that bad.

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Perhaps in a moment of desperation, this man thought Steve Carell's method of escaping arguments was the best option. He was wrong. So very, very wrong.

Authorities in Gadsen, Ala. are investigating a man's decision to jump out of a moving vehicle during an argument with his ex-girlfriend. According to law enforcement officials, the woman told them that she and the 21-year-old man had been having petty arguments all day long. The man, who apparently reached his breaking point, told her "I'm going to jump out of the car," then made good on his promise.

Unfortunately for him, the car was traveling 35 miles per hour and he ended up suffering severe head injuries. He was later airlifted to UAB Hospital for treatment. Exes are usually exes for good reason, hence why it's best to keep a safe distance. If someone makes you want to injure yourself, they're not the one.

[via AL.com]

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