Record-Shattering 727-Pound Alligator Found in Mississippi

Sweet dreams.

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This horrifying alligator is straight out of a terrible Syfy movie. The 727-pound beast was caught in Mississippi over the weekend, destroying previous records of 723.5 and 697.5-pound discoveries. 

On Saturday morning, Madison, Miss. resident Beth Trammell and her team caught the 723.5-pounder, and ABC News reports that it took five hours and the assistance of two others to finally get the gator into their boat. Two hours later, Dustin Bockman bagged the record-breaker on his first catch. With the help of two partners, he fought for two hours wrestling the alligator to a sandbar. “I couldn’t believe it when it was that big," he told told ABC News.

Both he and Trammell plan to mount their catches to commemorate their hard work and amateur success.

[via ABC News]

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