YouTuber Under Fire for Tasteless Acid Attack Prank

What in TF is wrong with people?


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YouTubers aren’t exactly known for being tactful, so perhaps it should come as no surprise to hear that UK-based vlogger Arya Mosallah has come under fire for a prank involving throwing water in people’s faces in the streets of London in the manner of an acid attack. Given the fact that recent numbers indicate the UK has the highest number of recorded acid attacks per person of any country, people have rightfully taken offense to the 22-year-old's tasteless prank. More than 400 incidents have been recorded between December 2016 and April 2017, giving the UK an average of two acid attacks a day.

Mosallah uploaded a video of the prank, which has since been removed, to his "ItzArya" YouTube account, and it was met with some serious heat in the comments section. "With the increasing number of acid attacks on the streets of London, this video is anything but funny," one person wrote. Twitter, as usual, didn't pull any punches either with many users calling Mosallah out for his thoughtlessness remarkable ignorance.

Given the rise in acid attacks of late, I find this to be extremely disturbing. The 'YouTuber' is aware of the current climate and has chosen to exploit that for some kicks. @YouTube should take action against him and definitely shouldn't allow him to profit off causing distress

— Bashir Ibrahim (@BashOIbrahim) January 28, 2018

its horrific that its labelled as an 'acid attack prank', nothing about an acid attack can be immitated for comedic purposes, disgusting.

— Jordss 🏳️‍🌈 (@jordssboi) January 28, 2018

For now, it appears as though Mosallah has decided against filming more pranks like this one. But it's kind of amazing he thought it would be a good idea in the first place.

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