Watch the Trailer for Tommy Wiseau's New Movie 'Best F(r)iends': 'Your Mind Will Find Paradise'

Greg Sestero: “Just imagine a Hitchcock film setting starring Tommy [Wiseau].”

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Greg Sestero and Tommy Wiseau are the two (master?) minds behind The Room, generally considered one of the worst movie of all time. If you watched last year’s The Disaster Artist, you’ll know Sestero, played by Dave Franco, as the guy Wiseau met in an acting class. Wiseau, the Eastern European dude with a vision, was played by James Franco, who won a Golden Globe for his performance.

In fact, the movie is based on a memoir Sestero wrote about the experience of making The Room, which is called—you guessed it—The Disaster Artist. If you thought that last year’s movie was the height of Wiseau and Sestero’s comeback, well, have I got news for you. The duo are returning with a new original film titled Best F(r)iends.

The movie, which has been described by Newsweek as a “Los Angeles noir thriller,” was produced by Sestero and directed by Justin MacGregor, a Canadian indie filmmaker and fan of The Room. It’s based on a real life story of a road trip Sestero took with Wiseau back in 2013. Wiseau and Sestero star in the movie alongside Paul Scheer (The League, The Disaster Artist), Vince Jolivette (Spring Breakers), Kristen StephensonPino and Rick Edwards.

“Just imagine a Hitchcock film setting starring Tommy,” Sestero toldEntertainment Weekly.

"I have a good story for you. A familiar story," the unmistakable voice of Wiseau says in the trailer. "One guy meet another in the big city. They have dream, but something change. Greed, hatred and jealousy. You understand the words?"

Last year, Sestero spoke to Newsweek about the movie and said that he wrote it specifically so that Wiseau could finally have a serious role. "Any time after The Room, people would just hire him as a joke," he said. "Best F(r)iends is a chance for people to see him as a serious actor in a dramatic, experimental role." A few weeks ago, Wiseau was gunning hard to play the next Joker, but it looks like this serious role in Best F(r)iends will probably happen before that.

In a statement to Newsweek, Wiseau said he's excited for his fans to see him in something different. "I challenge myself as an actor, and I think audiences will get a nice surprise. After watching Best F(r)iends, your mind will find paradise."

As was to be expected, the film will have an unconventional release. It will drop in two volumes, the first of which will play in 600 select theaters nationwide on March 30 and April 2, 2018. The second volume will be released on June 1 and June 4. Tickets for both are on sale now.

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