T.I. Has a Message for Men Everywhere, But Especially Rob Kardashian

T.I. gave some life advice to Rob and other men who want to air out a women's business on social media.


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TMZ asked rapper T.I on Sunday about the whole Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna mess that has been unveiling in the public lately, and T.I. decided to respond by providing some life advice for Rob that also serves for most men.

“Don’t tell women’s business,” the rapper said. “It’s poor character. If a woman trusts you and confides in you… you don’t do that.”

Despite dropping those pearls of wisdom, though, T.I has been a frequent character in China’s and Rob’s fights before. On Thursday, when Rob was in the thick of his Instagram and Twitter takedown of the mother of his child, T.I commented on one of Rob’s posts that supposedly proved Chyna had been cheating on him with some choice words.

"Why bring ya business to IG tho? Look, you got worked bro," wrote T.I. "But at least keep it to yourself, you letting the world know you a duck ... hold this L, kiss ya kid & cut ya losses & move on ... [you] got no moves bro."

Predictably, T.I’s comment only angered Rob further and fanned the flames for another Instagram post. This time, Kardashian claimed “on [his] daughter’s life” that T.I. paid Blac Chyna to have a threesome with him and his wife, Tiny.

Rob Kardashian's Instagram

For his part, T.I. didn’t comment on Rob’s threesome claims and instead posted a now deleted photo to his own Instagram account that extended the duck theme previously introduced in his comment.

T.I.'s Instagram Post


The back and forth between the two men did not continue because Rob's Instagram was taken down shortly afterwards. 

The bottom line is that Rob Kardashian’s and Blac Chyna’s dirty laundry has always been pretty public, but this latest feud has really overstepped some boundaries. Blac Chyna is already lawyering up, and we should assume that Rob will do the same if necessary. Although T.I.’s advice may be useful to Rob and men everywhere - perhaps even himself - more people getting involved is probably not the way to a speedy, healthy resolution.

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