Orlando Brown Shows Off Giant Chest Tattoo of Raven-Symoné’s Face

What is Orlando Brown doing?

Still from "That's So Raven" starring Raven Symoné, Orlando Brown, and Anneliese van der Pol.

Image via Getty/ABC Photo Archives

Still from "That's So Raven" starring Raven Symoné, Orlando Brown, and Anneliese van der Pol.

We all know Orlando Brown from his role in the Disney Channel classic That’s So Raven, which he starred in alongside Raven-Symoné from 2003 to 2007. Since then, Brown’s public life has been full of ups and downs. Back in 2016, he became a rapper and released one of the wildest music videos I’ve ever seen, but earlier this year, Brown was even caught by literal bounty hunters in Las Vegas, who took him back to Los Angeles to answer for several warrants that called for his arrest. The latest development in Brown’s bizarre public behavior is a new tattoo of Raven on his chest.

Orlando Brown tattoos Raven Symone's face on his chest pic.twitter.com/L8IkSLdmBB

Brown’s relationship with Raven has also been somewhat complicated. As Page Six notes, Brown aired some dirty laundry in an Instagram post in February 2016, soon after he was arrested for beating his girlfriend in public and possession of methamphetamine. "Raven did not bail me out, my wife did,” he said in a video. “Raven ain't even tryin' to talk to me right now. She think I stole her damn phone. I ain't a crackhead!"

Months later, the reboot of That’s So Raven was announced, with Raven and Anneliese van Der Pol reprising their roles from the original series. Brown was allegedly not asked to return, and he thought it was because Raven was “running from the D.” 

“She’s far off into another land, mentally, to where she made a decision that she felt was better for her,” he said in another social media video at the time. “If she thinks that that’s what she wants to do then I love her still and I’m still in love with her and she’s running from the D.”

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