Kendall Jenner Reportedly 'Annoyed' By All the Drama With Ben Simmons and Tinashe

Kendall Jenner and Ben Simmons became romantically linked around the same time Simmons and Tinashe broke up, so cheating rumors have been swirling ever since. Jenner is apparently over the drama.

Earlier this year, one of the hot new celebrity relationships was Tinashe and Ben Simmons, but if you blinked, you missed it. The relatively short relationship was upstaged when Simmons started being linked to Kendall Jenner. Just last week, the three found themselves at the same Los Angeles nightclub, and things got even more ridiculous when Tinashe allegedly lied about Simmons texting her while he was in the club with Kendall.

Now, Simmons is allegedly worried that his ex is stalking him and Kendall. And although it might be hard to believe for some, it sounds like this mess is exactly the opposite of what the reality TV star/model wants: Kendall apparently finds all the drama “annoying." “She’s being very private about her relationship with Ben,” an unidentified source described as being close to Jenner told People. "Kendall’s really different from her sisters in that sense.” 

“She honestly doesn’t want people talking about who she’s dating and is very protective of her personal life,” the source added. “She hates the attention and it’s been annoying that the drama with Tinashe has come up.”

In any case, though, the source confirmed things are “heating up” and that Kendall is “excited to spend the summer with Ben.” It seems as though she will definitely have more time than usual to spend with him, too, as she’s “slowed down some of her work and took a break from the runway.”

"She deals with a lot of anxiety and needed a breather,” the source explained. "That kind of traveling really takes a toll on her, but she’s been feeling good.”

The source also provided more details on recent reports that the two were living together in an expensive apartment in Los Angeles. It’s apparently just Ben’s apartment—Kendall isn’t on the lease—and she is just spending a lot of time there because “it’s a gorgeous house."

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