Watch the Latest Teaser for 'Atlanta' Season 2

'Atlanta' is out here raising the bar for teasers.

heavy rotation

— AtlantaFX (@AtlantaFX) January 14, 2018

FX's Atlanta followed up their mysterious trailer during the Golden Globes with another equally peculiar teaser released through their Twitter account on Sunday. The clip is titled "heavy rotation" and features Earn (played by Donald Glover) literally rotating through a number of scenes while "Gap in the Clouds" by Yellow Days plays in the background. 

While it's difficult to decipher what is going on, especially behind Earn, in a number of these shots, we should be rest assured that all of these questions will be answered when the Emmy-winning show returns in less than two months. 

As for what we should come to expect from the second season of Atlanta, Donald and his brother Stephen provided some details when they spoke on a panel at the Television Critics Association earlier this month. 

"People have gifts, have more stuff, and money," Glover said. "You might get your package stolen off your front porch. While we were there, my neighbor got her car stolen from her driveway. It’s a very tense and desperate time. Our characters are in a desperate transition from their old lives to where they’re headed now. And robbin' season is a metaphor to where we are now."  

Atlanta's Twitter account has been dropping some knowledge nearly every day, too.

sometimes its ghosts in the bank vaults - - u can hear em howl @ night -- havin insufficient fun

— AtlantaFX (@AtlantaFX) January 15, 2018

may your 2018 have more quick come-ups than slow let-downs

— AtlantaFX (@AtlantaFX) January 13, 2018

up on the law and under surveillance *binocular emoji*

— AtlantaFX (@AtlantaFX) January 12, 2018

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