Tyrese Records Emotional Plea to See His Daughter Before Court Appearance

Tyrese has an emotional breakdown in video posted hours before heading to court over a restraining order against him.

On the same day he posted a lengthy Instagram message where he opens up about his fractured relationship with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, as well as his current legal battle involving ex-wife Norma Gibson and their daughter Shayla, Tyrese recorded an emotional video repeatedly pleading to see his child. 

According to TMZ, Tyrese is fighting for Norma to drop the restraining order against him that has prevented him from seeing his 10-year-old daughter for two months. Tyrese, wearing a hoodie with "Shayla Rocks" emblazoned across the chest, tries fighting back the tears as he looks directly into camera, begging that they don't take away his little girl. "Don't take my baby," he pleads. "I'm at $13,000 a month, what more do you want from me?"

Tyrese questions why his millionaire and billionaire friends aren't there for him in his time of need. "There ain't nobody showing up for me," he says. "I've got all these millionaire friends, I've got billionaire friends. I've been there for you, why is nobody there for me?" While the Fast & Furious actor doesn't explain why he's calling on them, the aforementioned Instagram post may suggest that it may have something to do with the financial troubles he's going through as he continues to fight this matter in court. 

Tyrese's financial issues are due in part to his inability to land any acting roles. At the end of the clip, he suggests that his ex-wife is responsible for that. "She wakes up and decides on September 11, this is what I feel like saying about Tyrese," he claims. "Nobody wants to hire me, Norma. Congratulations."

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