'Sesame Street' Made a 'Stranger Things' Parody Video and It's Great

'Sesame Street' continued their parody series by creating a unique take on 'Stranger Things.'

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In the latest installment of their ongoing series of parody videos, Sesame Streetcreated their own version of the Netflix show Stranger Things titled "Sharing Things." In the beginning, we're introduced to the Cookiegorgon who says he's eaten everything in the Snackside Down, and is currently in search of more food. Out of nowhere, Cookie Monster, er, the Cookiegorgon starts to hear kids' voices exclaiming, "Trick or treat," which entices him to venture to the human world. Before leaving, the Cookiegorgon bids farewell to fan favorite Barb, who shouts "Don't forget me," which is quite triggering, considering how overlooked she has been throughout the show's two-season run. 

In the next scene, we see Lucas, Dustin, Mike, and Will walking around in their Ghostbusters costumes on Halloween. The parody features a couple references to the latest season of Stranger Things, so if you haven't started up on the show (what are you waiting for?) you may want to watch the original first. 

There's also a brief cameo by the gigantic yet mysterious creature Will sees every now and then, but we come to find out that it's not only in the area to score some free candy like the rest of them, but it's completely willing to share everything. There are a couple other nice touches, like how they... okay, okay, we have said enough. 

Check out the amazing Sesame Street parody video above. 

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