PETA Responds to Tiffany Haddish’s Claim That She'll Wear Fur ‘Until Police Stop Killing Black People’

PETA has issued a response to Tiffany Haddish, urging her to “choose to protest in a different way,” instead of wearing fur in protest of police brutality.

PETA has issued a response to Tiffany Haddish’s vow to wear fur every day “until they stop killing black people.” While the organization believes in “kindness towards all, including animals,” they’re asking that the comedian choose a different way to protest that doesn’t involve wearing a fur vest. 

“We love you, Tiffany, and as an animal rights organization, we advocate for and believe in kindness towards all, including animals," the organization writes, perUSA TODAY. "We hope that you choose to protest in a different way that doesn't harm any humans or any animals, but is kind to all."

Haddish revealed in an Instagram post last week that she received a fur vest from a fan who attended her stand-up set. "She wasn't really planning on it, but she said she loved me," she said. "And I said, 'If you really love me, give me your jacket.' And she did." The story about her acquiring the piece of clothing led to her declaring that would continue to wear it every day as a means of protesting how black people are treated by the police. 

"I'm going to wear fur every day until they stop killing black people," Haddish said. "When the police stop killing black people, I'll stop wearing fur. It's my new protest. So sorry PETA. Don't be mad at me, be mad at the police."

PETA has already drawn a significant presence in the public eye this year. On Wednesday, the animal rights organization sent letters to the University of Texas and the University of Georgia, urging the two schools to retire their live animal mascots.

The request comes after a pregame incident prior to Tuesday’s Sugar Bowl where the Longhorns’ Bevo XV charged in the direction of Uga X. Bevo was luckily tamed before anyone got hurt, but the close call was enough to support PETA’s argument for why live animal mascots must no longer exist. 

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