EA Announces New ‘Skate’ Game Is in the Works

It was announced during EA Play 2020 that a new ‘Skate’ game is in the early stages of development, a decade after ‘Skate 3’ was released.

People visit the Electronic Arts area at a Computer Gaming Convention.

Image via Getty/Andreas Rentz

People visit the Electronic Arts area at a Computer Gaming Convention.

It took a decade of relentless pressure, but a new Skate game is officially in development.

Skate director Deran Chung and creative director Chris "Cuz" Parry made the announcement during Thursday's EA Play Live 2020, stressing that this game is still in its early stages.

The third installment of Skate series came out in 2010. Soon after, people were clamoring for Skate 4, and constantly pestering EA over social media to turn their dreams into reality.

"You commented this into existence — amazing," Parry said of the decade-long push from Skate fans. 

It's unclear if this game will be known as Skate 4 or a reboot to the franchise. Either way, people were just excited to hear that something new is in the works. 

Gameplay footage for Star Wars: Squadrons was also unveiled during EA Play Live 2020. Check it out below. 

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EA also announced that Apex Legends will be headed to Nintendo Switch and Steam in the fall.

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