Sons React to Videos of Their Moms Getting Catcalled

"It's ridiculous."

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Catcalling is a fact of life for many women. To shine some light on the issue, The Scene filmed sons responding to their moms being catcalled, the Huffington Post reports. Previously, they’d filmed dads responding to videos of their daughters being catcalled.

"That's weird," said one son in the film."He just walked up to you and just said that stuff. I don't know what he was trying to get at there. If you just saw a girl walking down the street, why do you need to comment about that stuff?" One mother spoke about how catcalling effects her everyday life, dictating how she dresses and puts herself together in the mornings. 

In a study on street harassment, over a third of black, Hispanic, and white respondents had experienced catcalling. Another study found that women rarely report incidents of catcalling because they don’t want to make a “big deal” of the experience.

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