Tila Tequila Wines and Dines With White Nationalists at D.C. Conference in Support of Trump

Tila Tequila attended a conference with white nationalists to salute Trump's presidential victory.

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It should come as no surprise that Tila Tequila is down with the white supremacists and Nazi supporters, considering her constant Twitter rants backing the radical movement. But on Saturday night, the former MTV reality star came from behind her computer screen and went all the way to Washington D.C. to attend the National Policy Institute's conference in support of president-elect Donald Trump

The Daily Beast reported from the exclusive event, observing that the guest list included predominantly white males, with the exception of Tila, who noted that she was a pinch of diversity the room needed. Tila was reportedly attending the conference in support of her friend and the event's host Richard Spencer, as well as to celebrate Donald Trump's victory. 

Tila reportedly mingled with other white nationalists who were wearing "Make America Great Again" hats at the event and attended some of the conference's panel discussions, including one on "Trump and the New White Voter," according to The Daily Beast. Although the reality star didn't look like many of the attendees, she asserted that her views were the same. She also discussed how her beliefs had changed from liberal to conservative after she became a mother.

"I went full circle from the liberal stuff, and all that…I wouldn't want my daughter growing up in that," she said. "I'm becoming more conservative ever since I became a mother. I wouldn't want porn all over the internet [for instance]…Law and order, I think that's very important to have. Most people are so used to being all about their 'freedom,' so they becomes these little crybabies. They can't live by laws and rules. Civilization needs to be civilized."

Tila Tequila has been very vocal about her support of Donald Trump. She's also made racist and anti-Semitic comments throughout years, even sharing a tribute to Adolf Hitler for his birthday in April. The reality star also took to Twitter prior to attending the conference, in which she was captured with two others raising her "Sieg Heil!" salute.

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