Video: Watch The Opening Scene From Sacha Baron Cohen's Latest Movie “The Dictator”

Hitting theaters on May 16.

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The hype and marketing surrounding Sacha Baron Cohen's latest comedy, The Dictator, has been pretty quiet so far, but with the movie hitting theaters in less than a month, Paramount Pictures is finally revealing some footage from the film. Courtesy of Coming Soon, the studio has released the opening scene from the movie online, and it's filled with the type of political incorrectness that you would expect from Cohen.

This movie wasn't filmed in the mockumentary style of Borat or Bruno, but it still retains the type of awkward humor that made those so successful. Just by viewing this short clip, it's evident that The Dictator will surely create some controversy upon its release as the movie lambasts some pretty sensitive subjects. But Cohen has established himself as an eccentric comedic genius, so The Dictator will probably still be among the year's funniest movies, despite the sensitive subject matter.

The Dictator will hit theaters on May 16.

[via Coming Soon

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