Trailer Park: Get Ready To Feel Guilty Every Time You Laugh At The New Red Band Trailer For “The Dictator”

Sacha Baron Cohen's latest might also be his most offensive.

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The latest red band trailer for The Dictator has appeared online, and it’s easily the funniest thing we have seen in a long time. But let’s get this out of the way first: if you are easily offended, or at work, don’t watch this thing; it’s riddled with jokes about terrorism, women’s rights, and sex. But everyone else should dive right in and enjoy.

With all of the cringe-worthy subjects being mocked here, Sacha Baron Cohen is careful to be an equal opportunity offender, so every ethnic group and religion takes their fair share of lumps along the way. Unlike Borat and Bruno, The Dictator follows a traditional, linear narrative, without being a mockumentary like his other works. However, despite that, Cohen’s brand of raunchy, topical humor is just as prominent as ever. All of the subjects that Borat and Bruno ridiculed are all here, and in some cases are pushed even further.  

In a world where most of the talent in Hollywood wouldn’t touch this kind of material with a ten-foot-pole wrapped in hundred dollar bills, it’s refreshing to see someone like Cohen come out and shed a little humor on these subjects.

The Dictator hits theaters on May 16.

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