“The Dark Knight Rises” Is On Pace To Sell Less Tickets Than Tim Burton’s “Batman”

Thanks, inflation.

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Anyone who has been following the box office over the past few weeks knows just how well The Dark Knight Rises has done for itself. With over $900 million made worldwide, the movie is one of the highest-grossing films in recent memory, and the folks at Warner Brothers have to be thrilled with its performance. But like a bucket of cold water, Movies.com has come along to douse everyone’s enthusiasm for Batman’s latest triumph.

The site revealed that The Dark Knight Rises is actually on pace to sell less tickets than Tim Burton’s Batman did in 1989. During its run, Batman sold around 63 million tickets domestic; meanwhile, up until now, The Dark Knight Rises has sold only 50.6 million. However, when Batman was released, tickets were at an average cost of $3.97, whereas now they are at $8.02 on average. That’s why, despite the vast difference in tickets sold, The Dark Knight Rises has made over $150 million more than Batman in the States.

[via Movies.com]

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