Lakeith Stanfield on Why 2Pac Is One of His Favorite Rappers Ever

Stanfield couldn't keep his mind off the 'All Eyez On Me' artist.

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While in conversation with Teyana Taylor for Complex's GOAT Talk, LaKeith Stanfield couldn't help but stan Tupac '2Pac' Shakur.

The Book of Clarence co-stars chatted about everything from their favorite Jay-Z song to their mutual GOAT rapper-turned-actor. Although Stanfield didn't mention 2Pac for the latter, instead choosing his former Atlanta co-star Donald Glover, the late artist was brought up multiple times during the 12-minute discussion.

Around the 3:30-minute mark, Stanfield named 2Pac as part of his dream blunt rotation, along with Indian spiritualist Sadhguru, astronomer and planetary scientist Carl Sagan, and comedian Dave Chappelle. Despite the actor not being a smoker, the rotation sounded pretty ideal for philosophy enthusiasts.

LaKeith Stanfield shares his dream blunt rotation. 💨♻️

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LaKeith Stanfield and @TEYANATAYLOR debate the GOAT rapper turned actor in this new episode of #GOATTalk

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Stanfield later got into his GOAT albums, which are all West Coast classics, including 2Pac's All Eyes On Me, the rapper's fourth and final album. Also making the cut were Kendrick Lamar's third studio album, the Grammy-winning To Pimp a Butterfly (which contained audio of 2Pac on the final song, "Mortal Man"), and the 2010 Nipsey Hussle mixtape, The Marathon.

Stanfield finally got into why he's big into 2Pac when naming him as his GOAT rapper around the 9:20 mark. "I just like the philosophies that he had," Stanfield explained. "He was so young, did so much at a young age and was really concerned about pushing our people forward and giving us ambition... I just think that that's a beautiful thing."

Also showing ambition was Stanfield's portayal of the titular character in the Jeymes Samuel-directed The Book of Clarence, which is in theaters now.

It's fair to say that Stanfield didn't miss 2Pac and Afeni Shakur docuseries Dear Mama, which is nominated for Best Music Film at the 66th Annual Grammy Awards which airs via CBS on Sunday, Feb. 4.

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