'Florida Joker' Dyed Hair Purple Like 'GTA VI' Character, Wants Additional $1 Million From Rockstar Games

Lawrence Sullivan claims the video game studio used his likeness for the long-awaited 'Grand Theft Auto VI.'

The man dubbed "Florida Joker" wants an even bigger payout from Rockstar Games now that he's dyed his hair purple.

Over the weekend, Lawrence Sullivan, who claims the video game publisher used his likeness in its record-breaking Grand Theft Auto VI trailer, demande "a mil or two" from Rockstar Games. Now he wants an additional million for dying his hair, which has a similar resemblance to the video game character. Sullivan's Joker-reminiscent mugshot went viral in 2017 after he was arrested for allegedly waving a gun at passing cars.

"GTA, I'm giving you the biggest free marketing you got [in the] entire history of running this GTA game," Sullivan said in a TikTok he posted on Tuesday. "For that, I want an extra million dollars. Y'all taking forever to respond back to me."

He then showed an image from the GTA VI trailer on his TV. "You see that?" Sullivan asked. "Find the other person in Florida they portrayed that character from. I'll wait! I will wait! GTA, we gotta talk. You think I'm playing? You got three days before my lawyers go crazy on this case."

Comparing his case to Lindsay Lohan's failed lawsuit against GTA, Sullivan ended by saying he has "hard evidence."

After seeing the trailer last week, Sullivan claimed in a separate TikTok that he was the "inspiration" behind GTA's alleged version of him. "That's me," Sullivan said. "That's the person they got the inspiration from. That's me. That's me. GTA, we gotta talk. Or no, you gotta give me like a mill or two. ... Y'all took my likeness. Y'all took my life."

Shooting down Sullivan's threats was Red Dead Redemption 2 voice actor Roger Clark, who said that Rockstar Games has enough legal protection against his threats.

"They've had people like you trying to sue them for decades," Clark said in a TikTok. "They are lawyered up, man. They know exactly what they can and cannot get away with."


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