Trailer Park: "Bill Cunningham New York" (Directed by Richard Press)

Everyone from Anna Wintour to the Sartorialist gives it up for this triple OG fashion photographer. Bow down.

It’s February, which means we must again endure our love/hate relationship with New York Fashion Week for the next several days. Sure, it’s fun seeing aisles of naive fashion hopefuls from Parsons and FIT dressed in their most avant-garde get-up, but we have no choice but to cringe when skin-lifted mothers with dead animals on their bodies pull up in Escalades that destroy our environment. In other words, we love fashion, but we despise the bougie sacrosanct gestures taken by those who commend that world. The New York TimesBill Cunningham, however, doesn’t associate himself under those titles. The 81-year-old OG fashion photographer, who’s been recording the city’s style in unpremeditated manner for the last four-to-five decades, has amassed an enormous selection of visual history, which grandsons your favorite fashion blog’s fashion blog. Despite his credentials and accolades, this film exposes the man’s shockingly humble daily routines. Directed by Richard Press, this documentary, heavily cosigned by the Times (duh), opens March 16 in New York City.

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