Watch Just Blaze and Ivan Orkin Give Sean Evans a Ramen Master Class

Just Blaze and Ivan Orkin school Sean Evans in the art of the ramen slurp.

Ramen is a unifying force in this world. Originated in Japan, and inspired by Chinese-style wheat noodles, only a dish as diverse and complex as ramen could capture the imaginations of a classically trained chef, a world renowned hip-hop producer, and a man who eats spicy chicken wings on the Internet for a living.

At First We Feast, we believe in bringing people together, so we asked beat-making mastermind Just Blaze and ramen visionary Ivan Orkin to school noodle neophyte Sean Evans on the art of the slurp.

From proper eating etiquette to the debunking of pesky ramen myths, these two noodle junkies layout the dos and don’ts for enjoying a perfect bowl of broth at Manhattan’s Ivan Ramen.

Reasonably priced, easy to eat, and endlessly versatile, find out why ramen has been dominating the U.S. restaurant scene for the past 10 years.

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