Director Ridley Scott Blasts Superhero Movies, Calls Them 'Boring as Sh*t’

Ridley Scott went in on his distaste for superhero movies in a new interview, saying that he thinks they are poorly written and "saved by special effects."

Ridley Scott at 'The Last Duel' premiere.

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Ridley Scott at 'The Last Duel' premiere.

Ridley Scott must be hanging out with Martin Scorsese more often because the Gladiator director just went in on how much he hates superhero movies because he thinks they’re “boring as shit” and lack any good scriptwriting.

In a recent interview with DeadlineScott initially got asked about what he learned from Stanley Kubrick’s approach to Napoleon but eventually went on a tangent about how much he hates comic flicks.

“Almost always, the best films are driven by the characters, and we’ll come to superheroes after this if you want, because I’ll crush it,” he said. “I’ll fucking crush it. They’re fucking boring as shit.”

“Their scripts are not any fucking good,” he added, explaining his problems with the genre. “I think I’ve done three great scripted superhero movies. One would be Alien with Sigourney Weaver. One would be fucking Gladiator, and one would be Harrison Ford (Blade Runner).”

He continued, “They’re superhero movies. So, why don’t the superhero movies have better stories? Sorry. I got off the rail, but I mean, c’mon. They’re mostly saved by special effects, and that’s becoming boring for everyone who works with special effects, if you’ve got the money.”

Of course, the Alien director isn’t the first person to criticize superhero movies and their growing popularity. Scorsese has been a frequent critic of all types of superhero movies, from the ever-expanding Marvel Universe to other comic-adjacent movies like Joker.  

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