Matt Damon Says He’s 'So Happy' Ben Affleck Is Back With Jennifer Lopez: 'I’m Glad for Both of Them'

Matt Damon talked about how happy he is to see his good friend Ben Affleck back together with his old flame Jennifer Lopez now that the couple is public.


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People on social media and the internet aren’t the only ones happy to see Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez back together. Actor Matt Damon also recently shared how he is ecstatic to see the two in a relationship again.

According to Page SixDamon talked with Extra about how happy he is to see his two friends together again romantically. “I’m just so happy for him,” Damon said of his longtime friend while at the NYC premiere for his movie Stillwater. “He’s the best.”

He continued by saying that he’s happy Affleck and Lopez found their way back to each other.

“He deserves every happiness in the world. I’m glad for both of them.”

Damon also revealed to People earlier this week that he chats with Affleck over the phone all the time about things that circulate through the tabloids. He jokingly said that he would text Affleck to confirm or deny different rumors.

“Well, I mean, it’s real-life stuff,” Matt said. “We each got a whole mess of kids. We text pretty much about everything. There’s so much in the press about him that normally I’m just fact-checking things I read. ‘Did this happen?’ He’s like, ‘No that didn’t happen.’”

He added that he would also see all of the things unfold in real-time, like the pictures of Affleck and Lopez on the yacht that seemingly recreated Lopez’s “Jenny From the Block” music video 20 years ago.

“All the pictures that have come out are the same ones that you see,” he continued. “I don’t know anything you don’t know.”

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