Martha Stewart on Her Probation Officer Not Letting Her Host ‘SNL’: ‘That Really Pissed Me Off’

In a new interview with 'Harper's Bazaar,' Martha Stewart revealed that the only "big regret" she has in her career is being unable to host 'SNL.'


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Martha Stewart is an OG for several reasons. The cooking and lifestyle veteran has accomplished a lot in her long career, and those victories didn’t come without challenges. In a new interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Stewart reflects on how the only regret she has in her career was being unable to host SNL because her probation officer wouldn’t allow it.

“My only big regret that I can talk about is that Saturday Night Live asked me to host. My probation officer wouldn’t give me the time,” she said. “That really pissed me off, because I would have loved to have hosted Saturday Night Live. I’d like that on my résumé.”

In 2004, Stewart served five months in federal prison on charges of conspiracy, obstruction of an FBI investigation, and making false statements to investigators. Once serving her time, she also had to spend two years under supervised release.

While Stewart was able to bounce back from the time she served, she still recognizes that it was very serious and has affected her life in a real way.

“It was a very serious happening in my life. I take it very seriously,” she said. “I’m not bitter about it, but …. My daughter knows all the problems that resulted because of that. There’s a lot.”

Despite never making an appearance on SNL to this day, Stewart has still had a large and successful career, venturing into different lanes and creating beautiful friendships with the likes of Snoop Dogg, whom she’s worked with several times in the past.

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