‘Jackass’ Star Emotionally Recounts Being Swarmed and Bit in Wild Attack Filming ‘Shark Week’ Stunt

'Jackass' star Sean McInerney got emotional on camera when telling the story of how he almost died after getting bit by a shark doing a recent stunt.

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As Discovery’s Shark Week kicks off, the daredevil crew at Jackass decided to join in the fish festivities, and one member got attacked while doing a stunt.

One of Jackass’ newest members, Sean “Poopies” McInerney, was attempting to jump over a school of sharks with a ramp and a paddle board being pulled across the ocean. The board didn’t completely make the jump, resulting in Poopies falling right into the middle of the sharks. One of the sharks bit the daredevil on the hand, and he was incapacitated until someone on the safety team pulled him out.

The New Zealand Herald pointed out that Poopies suffered artery and tendon damage in his hand from the singular shark bite, and he was just happy to be alive. Poopies posted the ordeal to his YouTube channel, as seen above, and gets emotional when describing how he could have lost his life from the stunt.

“I knew I got bit, if I didn’t get bit I thought I would get attacked by six more sharks, and luckily I didn’t,” Poopie says while getting choked up during the video. “I just got my hand bit. Scariest thing of my life. I couldn’t really say much, I was in shock.”

Poopies went on to say how he was just happy he survived the stunt. Other Jackass members were also in his video and talked about how this might have been one of the craziest things they’ve ever seen. They also said this will make for great footage in their upcoming movie.

“He would be fucking dead if they didn’t dive on him as fast as they did,” Jackass veteran Steve-O said. “Jesus, he got wrecked by a shark…for a ‘Shark Week’ episode.”

Fellow Jackass alum Chris Pontius said this was a reminder that the stunts they do are real and dangerous. “It’s a reminder that yeah, like, we are pushing it pretty hard,” Pontius said. “And this could happen, of course.”

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