"Star Wars" Arrives on Instagram With Darth Vader Taking a Rookie Selfie

Vader is a #noob.

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Star Wars fans getting ready for Episode VII in 2015 might not have much to keep them satisfied outside of casting rumors and news of George Lucas only playing a minor role in the film's development. But, at least now, they have their social media fix ready.

Star Wars entered the Instagram arena yesterday with a selfie of Darth Vader, taken during the opening minutes of the original Star Wars where he is about to capture Princess Leia. Funny, though, that with the advanced technology in Star Wars, Darth Vader is taking a selfie the old fashioned way: using the back camera on the phone. What is he using, an iPhone 3G, when he just came back from the Death Star? Guess whatever designer Photoshopped this thing doesn't really have much experience taking selfies (which is probably a good thing.) The account already has more than 80,000 followers and is likely to get a hell of a lot more. The account posted a second picture, or #latergram, which shows a behind the scenes look of Vader and Luke's lightsaber battle in The Empire Strikes Back, and a third of a rebel star destroyer model. 

Here's hoping that Leia, Luke and Han have a little control over filtering everything. Follow them here @StarWars

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