Computer Love: Florida Man Wants to Marry His MacBook Because of His Addiction to Adult Websites

Chris Sevier from Florida wants to marry his MacBook because it got him addicted to adult content.

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Let's get real: if you have owned a computer at any point in your life, you likely looked at a few x-rated websites here and there. Outside of any awkward moments with your parents when they saw your browsing history, no one really cared. You looked at it, and went on with your day.

But not for Chris Sevier.

The Florida man is blaming Apple for his recent porn addiction, saying that his MacBook came without filters to block out those websites. Because of this, he wants to marry his MacBook because of "conditioning upon orgasm" with his computer instead of a human. From Sevier:


Sadly, as funny as this might be, Sevier is using this argument to try to intervene in a Florida gay marriage case. The case,  James Domer Brenner et al vs. Rick Scott, aims to challenge the state's refusal to recognize gay marriages. So, by trying to use an illogical argument that has been tried and tried again by anti-gay marriage activists, Sevier thinks that if homosexuals "have the right to marry their object of sexual desire, even if they lack corresponding sexual parts, then I should have the right to marry my preferred sexual object."

The judge tossed out his case, saying "the motion has no place in this lawsuit."

[via Daily Dot]

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