See What Happens When an Adult Film Star Watches Her Own Porn

Here's what happens when adult film star Kagney Linn Carter watches her own porn.

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There's really nothing like watching a porn star watch their own porno, and admittedly it must be super weird to watch yourself on camera. But porn star Kagney Linn Carter isn't shy at all about commenting on her scene. The folks over at Wood Rocket—the same channel that brought us porn stars revealing what to eat before anal sex and their most embarrassing on-set moments—are back with another video in their "Porn Stars Watch Their Own Porn" series.

Carter has a lot of thoughts on her porn video called "Pound the Round" with Mike Adriano. Not only was the scene "award-winning," but Carter comments on what a "hot scene" it was. Apparently they put her in an outfit of stripper heels, a trucker hat, a chain belt and yoga capris before she did the deed. She didn't really get what they were going for (same), but she's not a diva, so she didn't question it.

Carter reveals that she's in it for the quap. She says, "I'm here to suck some dick, fuck, get my paycheck and go." Furthermore, she's all for what the people like—to her, it doesn't matter. And if we're being honest, it's possible that Carter's commentary is probably better than the scene itself. One line you won't quickly forget? "My ass was really tight in this. There was lots of tight ass."

Meanwhile, fellow adult film star Amber Ivy​ watched her own porn and arrived at the conclusion that "I'm not very good at multitasking." 

We're all our own biggest critics.

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