Porn Stars Share More Gross Set Stories Involving Poo, Pee...and Cupcakes

Wood Rocket is back with another "Ask a Porn Star" episode focused on even grosser on-set stories.

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2015 was a really long time ago but, if you can, think back to that fateful year and summon your memory of the now infamous episode of Wood Rocket's "Ask a Porn Star" series about grossest on-set experiences. Lots of poop talk! Remember? Well, as you might have guessed, that video was simply not long enough to contain all the gross on-set stories in pornographic history. To alleviate that gap in our education, Wood Rocket has shared the mysteriously titled "More Really Gross Porn Set Stories."

"I don't think that much stuff is gross anymore after being on porn sets," Harley Jade (My Husband Brought Home His Mistress 8) explained in the latest "Ask a Porn Star," a series roundly recommended by film experts for its insightful take on the standard interview format. But Jade's confession doesn't mean the adjective "gross" couldn't easily be applied to some of the things encountered on the average porn set, as practically every second of this video makes pretty damn clear.

"If you play in the mud, you're gonna get dirty," Michael Vegas (Cum Fiesta) theorized in the clip. Well said. "Definitely when I heard about the girls eating cupcakes out of each other's buttholes, [that] made me want to throw up," Leah Gotti (Good Gotti) added, immediately proving Vegas' mud-equals-dirt theory.

Fittingly, this latest Wood Rocket deep-dive also includes anecdotes on:

  • Poop
  • Viagra dick injections gone awry
  • Chronic urinators
  • More poop
  • Dirt and/or bugs in unsavory locations
  • Vomit

Did we mention all the poop? Watch the full and vaguely SFW clip above.

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