Wife Learns About Husband's Affair After Incriminating Photos Go Viral

A bar full of people took photos of the affair.

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Last month bar patrons in New Zealand were treated to a show thanks to two people having sex in the office across the street. The superfreaks had no idea they were being cheered on by a bar full of people or that photos of their escapades would spread online. But even more surprising (and admittedly titillating) is that the man in the photos was caught by his wife after she saw them on Facebook. 

The wife reportedly hasn't spoken to her husband or stopped crying since learning of the affair. Neither the man nor the woman were at work yesterday when a reporter tried to make contact. 

"Marsh is very disappointed by the conduct of two colleagues at our Christchurch premises,” company chief Grant Milne said in a statement. "The inappropriate actions of those two individuals are not representative of the many professional colleagues we have at Marsh."

Check out more of the guilty photos above. 

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