Robert Downey Jr. Is Aggresively Anti-Indie Films

The actor goes in detail about his contempt for indie films.

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Robert Downey Jr. has made approximately $37 billion from playing Iron Man, so you'd think he'd be willing to switch things up and do an indie film. You would be wrong, though. Robert Downey Jr. does not fuck with indie films. Robert Downey Jr. hates indie films more than Baltimore hates Geraldo Rivera.

Let him explain, via an Entertainment Weekly radio appearance:

"They’re exhausting and sometimes they suck and then you just go, 'What was I thinking?' But I’m interested in doing all different kinds of movies. Sometimes the little movies are the ones that wind up taking the most out of you because they’re like, 'Hey, man, we’re just running a couple of days behind. Do you think you can stay through your birthday and then come back on the fourth of July. And, by the way, but, like, the crew—can you pay for the craft services? And, oh, by the way, man, when we go to Sundance, it’s like, can we just sit you in a chair and you can sell this for six days in a row so that we’ll make 180 bucks when it opens in one theater? God, this is so powerful what we’re doing. What do you think of the movie? You saw it last night?'"

'I thought it’s mediocre.'

'Yeah, isn’t it the greatest?! Man, everyone’s an artist here.'

'Actually, most of you are kind of inexperienced and lame.'"

Well then... 

I'd like to imagine an indie filmmaker has given RDJ an elevator pitch, received that monologue as a response, and just stood there like this:


Listen to the full rant below:  



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