Fox News needed someone to cover the ongoing protests in Baltimore and decided Geraldo Rivera is the right man for the job. This is the dude who urged African-Americans to stop letting their kids wear hoodies and argued hip-hop has been more damaging to the black community than actual racism. So who better to mischaracterize protesters for the viewers of Fox News? 

Upset by the network's coverage, protesters interrupted Rivera during a live broadcast. They were less concerned about getting in the way of his shot and more concerned with false coverage. "Stop exploiting black pain," a woman shouted. Rivera then brushed them off as "vandals" (more false coverage!) and tried to continue with his interview. 

More footage (below) shows a man arguing with Rivera when Fox's cameras stopped rolling. He tells the anchor to stop calling protesters "thugs," and Rivera keeps trying to walk away because he's yelling. "A black man can raise his voice, and you don't have to be intimated," he says.