Martin Scorsese Will Direct the Mike Tyson Film Starring Jamie Foxx

With the writer from "The Wolf of Wall Street."

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Not Available Lead

Jamie Foxx has made his desire to play Mike Tyson well-known for years. Despite his wishes taking so long to finally come true, it appears the movie will get just about the best treatment Hollywood has to offer. Foxx told Power 106's The Breakfast Club Martin Scorsese is onboard to direct the film reportedly written by Terence Winter.

Scorsese and Winter previously teamed up for another biopic about a wildly successful but often unsavory man who lost nearly everything. It was called The Wolf of Wall Street. The two also work together on Boardwalk Empire and are making an untitled rock n' roll project for HBO. 

Scorsese's involvement hasn't been officially confirmed, but this sounds like it'll be a damn good film handled by filmmakers with a firm grasp on nuance. The legendary director also helmed one of the best boxing films of all time, Raging Bull. Here's to hoping he gets in the ring once again. 

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