Jerry Ferrara Nearly Missed Out on His Chance to Play Turtle Because He Was Pissed About the Yankees

Mark Wahlberg shared the story on 'The Dan Patrick Show.'

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The promotional tour for the Entourage movie is in full force right now, with bro-friently stops at the Playboy Mansion and the Seattle Seahawks training grounds. Today executive producer Mark Wahlberg hit The Dan Patrick show for an interview and talked about initial casting for the HBO series. All the cast had to audition, even though Kevin Dillon and Jerry Ferrara were favorites to play Drama and Turtle, respectively. Wahlberg says Ferrara nearly blew his shot because he was upset about the New York Yankees. He had to give the actor a pep talk to snap him out of it. 

Here's the story:

There were other people going up for the Turtle role, but I think [Ferrara] was all depressed because the Yankees were not playing good or something. I'm like, "Dude, don't worry about them. They don't play your bills. Focus. This is yours to lose." Then he said, "Ok, I got it, I got it" and he went in there and killed it. 

...I was like, "Dude, what's going on? Who cares? You wanna be the Yankees fan, or you wanna have a great career—a big run on a big hit show?" That was literally at the HBO offices, and then he went in there and tore it up. 

What a close call. Hopefully no fans of the Knicks are going out for roles this week. That's a pain no pep talk could possibly alleviate. 

Look out for the Entourage movie in theaters June 3. 


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