'Arrested Development' Fans Won' Stop Sending Jeffrey Tambor Frozen Bananas

It's not clever.

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Landing a major, iconic role can be a curse for an actor as their fans take their enthusiasm too far. Jeffrey Tambor has to deal with Arrested Development fans yelling, "No touching!" into his ears, but that isn't even the worst of his problems. Whenever he stays in a hotel it's likely he'll have to deal with a plate of frozen bananas. 

Tambor explained to Jimmy Kimmel his predicament whenever a hotel chef thinks their clever and sends up the signature product from Bluth's Original Frozen Banana Stand. He hates bananas, so he has to find a way to dispose of them without hurting the chef's feelings or disturbing the hotel's plumbing. 

So please, people, stop yelling Arrested Development lines at Jeffrey Tambor, and especially stop sending him frozen bananas. It's almost as bad as Breaking Bad fans terrorizing the White residence by throwing pizzas on the roof. 

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