Kris Jenner Is Thirsting Hard for Jared Leto

Leto was creeped out at Paris Fashion Week.

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That photo you see above is apparently just one of the many selfies Kris Jenner took with Jared Leto. And the selfies are just the tip of the the thirst iceberg that Jenner apparently has for Leto. The Kardashian Kween (does that even work?) was all up in Leto's grill at Paris Fashion Week. First she talked his ear off at the Balmain show and took mad selfies. Then they ran into each other again at the dinner from hell. Where the Lanvin show photo above fits into the story is unclear

From Star

"She almost trapped Jared into talking for hours, half joking that she'd die to have him as a son-in-law or, better yet, her boyfriend. It freaked him out, and once again, he left the party early because he couldn't stand talking to her. He thinks she's nuts!"

He's not wrong. But he's also nuts himself. 

No word on where the photo above, taken at the Lanvin show, fits into the story. But it probably points to more thirst. 

[via Jezebel]


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