The Internet Has Turned Don Lemon's N-Word Sign Into a Meme

He should have known better.

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Early this morning Marc Maron released his WTF podcast episode with Barack Obama that featured the president saying the n-word in a discussion on race. "Racism, we are not cured of it," Obama said. "It's not just a matter of it not being polite to say n***** in public." Despite the relatively tame usage of the word, many pundits jumped at another opportunity to criticize the president, with Fox News going as far as calling him the rapper in chief. And then there was Don Lemon, who managed to carve out his own fuckboi lane on the overreaction superhighway. 

In the video above you'll see Lemon holding up a confederate flag and a sign with the n-word on it to ask viewers if it offends them. Naturally, Twitter was quick to call out and make fun of the tacky, not-so-subtle move. As will happen anytime someone is foolish enough to hold up a sign on the Internet, people hopped onto Photoshop to turn him into a meme.

Check out some of the best of them below:

idk who did this but it's clear that it's time for bed hahahahahaha. can someone plz go get don lemon.
"@ArmyStrang: What do you mean by this @donlemon?" Twitter doing its thing. Memes alert Memes alert.
C’mon, Don Lemon, you have to at least give a spoiler alert.
..and the memes start. Oh, don lemon.
I gotta go pray now. RT @jemelehill: DAMMIT TWITTER RT @GhostFaceSigma: @DragonflyJonez
HAHAHA RT @irathethird

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