Chris Pratt Gives Acting Lessons While Gone off That Fireball

Terrible, hilarious advice.

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We're not sure if this is a video for Chris Pratt's new GQ cover or an ad for Fireball Whiskey. Either way, the loveable actor is unquestionably drunk while giving acting lessons and throwing back more shots of whiskey. Some of his sage wisdom goes being acting skills and encroaches the territory of valuable life advice. For example, if you forget your significant other's birthday, all you need to do is tell them they're suffering from memory loss after an unfortunate accident. Then you simply wish them a happy birthday tomorrow. 

This is the kind of brilliance that can only come from drunkenness. But if you want to become as drunk and smart as Pratt, remember this lesson, too: "Drink it out of a paper cup. Don't be a dick about it."


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