We learned some great things about Chris Pratt today in his cover story for GQ Magazine. Pratt was once suspended from his high school track team for getting naked on the bus, he once got in trouble for getting naked to scare Amy Poehler on the set of Parks and Rec, he seriously loves being naked... oh, and he sends Nick Offerman poop pics for his birthday and other momentous occasions.

It's "not like every poop," he confided in GQ, "but if it's special enough. I sent him a picture of a giant turd on his birthday, and I said, 'You guys have the same birthday.' Adam Scott and I send each other goofy shit a lot, too. I've sent some dumps to Adam, and he sent some to me."

Pressed for details on what makes a poop memorable, Pratt cited shape and size. "If it's shaped like a letter—that qualifies. Like, one time I had one that was three pieces that landed in the shape of an N—I was like, 'Gotta send that to Nick—it's his first initial!' If it's extra...the size. You know, some poops are unremarkable, and some you take pictures of and send them to Nick Offerman."

When duty calls, you know. And the world is a better place for knowing this kind of a fierce bromance exists between Pratt and Offerman. 

Pratt said, adorably, "We're buddies and it makes us laugh." Stay golden, pony boy.