Amy Schumer and Amber Rose Go All in on Masturbation Jokes

A hilarious promo for the MTV Movie Awards Promo.

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Fifty Shades of Grey has provoked a range of strange behavior from moviegoers. Those who have seen the movie in theaters have thrown up, shit themselves, and stabbed other viewers. And then, of course, they've masturbated. With handcuffs

Amy Schumer recognizes the desire to masturbate in steamy films like Fifty Shades of Grey and Magic Mike in her promo for this Sunday's MTV Movie Awards. The two-minute spot is full of jokes about flicking the bean in a movie theater. It's also a reminder that women have far more ways than men to masturbate. We're talking shower heads, squashes, and washing machines. Amber Rose even makes an appearance with "a bag full of rattlesnakes."

Watch the hilarious video above.


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